1957 Avion R-20

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standing in the doorway, the kitchen is the first thing you see. the 4 burner stove is gas, the refirgerator and hot water heater are 110 electric. the circle on the wall is a vent fan. the hardware for the drawers has been soaked and scrubbed and polished, and is in the drawers. the doors were removed for painting and are under the bunks.
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looking to the front, there is a bench seat on either side of the trailer. The window frames were removed for cleaning and painting, and I'd intended to replace the aluminum screens with black fiberglass. The tinting and rasterization in this photo is due to the jpg reduction; it doesn't look like that in real life. click here for the full 417k photo.
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looking out the front window. there was no dinette tray, just the bookshelf across the front. in this photo the bookshelf has just been set there. it normally goes about 2" lower.
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curb side front. the extra cushions make the rear bunks into a large, almost king-sized bed. we decided to leave the original wiring in-place and use it; it all looks just fine.
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the cover is off the furnace here. it's propane, and works.
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looking more to the rear.
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these 4 photos (2 above and 1 to the right) can be combined into a panorama.
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on the curb side are 2 closets; one is almost filled by the furnace. on the street side is one closet. in the rear are 2 compartments up, and a 3rd is over the stove and sink.
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we'd decided to keep the sink, the countertop formica and trim strips. the panels to cover the sinks are in good shape, and match the countertop. The stove/fridge is just sitting there, we removed it for painting. it goes almost back to the wall, and there's a piece of metal grillwork that covers the gap.
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again, i have all the window frames and parts that we removed for the restoration. they're all in the trailer, under the rear bunks. that way, nothing got lost. i've done this before, and have seen restorations go awry because parts were misplaced.
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the screen door slides in the wall of the trailer, behind the furnace.
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there's a cabinet like this on each side of the rear, over the bed. at the time we painted we were considering varnishing the cabinets; now i think i'd go for the high-tech gloss white look. this photos shows how glossy the paint is. it's a $50-a-gallon oil-based enamel. with a mirrored exterior the trailer is going to be a trip!
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