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1957 Avion 20' Travel Trailer

Asking $1900.

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 left rear
7/22/2003 - The window frames and all other fixtures have been removed, sanded and repainted. All fixtures have been refinished with a very high-quality oil-based enamel paint. Latex paints will run as soon as the interior gets humid.
 right rear
 left rear 2
 rear view
 front 1
7/22/2003 - As you can see, the dents are reduced by 75%. They show up in contrast in these close-ups. From 10-15 feet away they don't even show up.
 front 2
7/22/2003 - I have not yet started to polish the exterior, but this kind of aluminim will polish out to a mirror finish. I can show you the equipment and polishes to use, and supply you with the instruction manual.


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Last updated 7/23/2003