Maui 2010

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Candice JordanAnother Winter on Maui. Ho, hum (yea, right!). Like last year, I didn't

take photos, but I did take some videos.


At the time I was running the Raw Living Foods Home Study Program for Creative Health Institute. One of my newsletter readers, Teresa Jordan, sent me this photo of her raw vegan daughter, Candice, who lives on Maui.



The following videos are hosted on YouTube, and should play fine for you. Note the "full screen" icon in the bottom right corner of each one.

A link to the original videos, so you can download them and play them offline, is at the bottom of the page.


Big Beach, Maui, on a windy day.  It was so windy the tripod blew over.

Climbing the cliff from Big Beach to Little Beach. Storms had washed away the sand that used to extend 100 ft. beyond the cliff.

The Southeast side of Maui. Over here the wind rarely stops.


Driving the Southeast coast of Maui, around Haleakala, in Brad's convertible on the Pualani Highway. (See Maui 2007 for Brad's car - by now he'd painted it red.)

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