Peeing After 60

Jim CareyI turned 67 last month, and as part of my personal "keep healthy" program, I had my annual physical. After two weeks of tests, ultrasounds, lab reports, running on a treadmill while breathing into a mask, and more, my doctor said I was in great shape for a man of 45.
I pointed out my true age, she laughed, and said, "That's my point." She went on to say that she was impressed that the only meds I take are a daily multivitamin. We talked about what I did at Creative Health Institute (CHI), and my mostly raw vegan diet and lifestyle.
She said that explained a lot, and encouraged me to keep it up, because it was obviously working. She even commented that she needed to do more of the same - she's about 45.
I shared with her my one health concern - that I get up 2 and 3 times a night to pee, I urinate frequently during the day, and when I "gotta go," it means I "gotta go right now," with occasional leakage before I get to the commode.
Her first reaction was that it was normal for my age group, and if I wished, she could write me a prescription that would help with it. Together we looked at the side effects of the different meds for this issue, and I commented that the treatments looked worse than the problem.
She agreed, and suggested that I look at what I'm eating and drinking differently than when I was on the CHI program.
That was easy; I've been drinking several cups of coffee a day for the past few years.
So one month ago today I quit drinking coffee. I quite cold turkey, with no  substitutes except water in the morning.
Within a few days I noticed a change and I wasn't getting up so much at night. After 30 days I'm now sleeping all night, I urinate much less frequently during the day, and I have no trouble "holding it" until I get to the bathroom.
Caffeine-free works great for me!
Jim Carey
Dec 30, 2017
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