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amateur setup

The Proper Approach to Doing a Jigsaw Puzzle

This is a good amateur jigsawer's setup. Notice the

large, spacious table, glare-free lighting, and chairs for multiple participants.


amateur setup


This is a professional jigsawer's setup. One chair only, others need not apply. Note the bifocal glasses and magnifying glass, for examining the details in those hard-to-match pieces. Note also the requisite rubber mallet for fitting those pieces that were not properly cut at the factory.


A true professional also has a pair of sharp scissors handy for adjusting those pieces that the factory messed up on, and won't fit where they belong.

Optionally, a chess or oven timer can be added. A 1000 piece puzzle can be assembled in 10-12 minutes by a dedicated pro!

professional setup


Yep, having a good time down on the farm in Herndon, Georgia!


Prayers and blessings, y'all!


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