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Cabin PorchNear the end of 2001, after almost two years on the road, I settled down on

a farm in Georgia.

On the property was a sharecroppers' cabin built in the 1830's, before the War of Northern Aggression, as it's known in Georgia (called the War Between the States or the Civil War, by Yankees).

The interior was gutted out, so I reinforced the foundations, repaired the roof, and inside I added insulation, electricity, walls, running water and indoor plumbing. It took me the better part of a year; I did almost all of it by myself.


My friends call the place Walden South, in honor/memory of Henry David Thoreau, and I guess because they think I'm a lot like him. True, I do enjoy the solitude of being back in the woods.


Here is a mixed collection of photos that I took over the years as I worked on the cabin, and pictures of other stuff that happened on the 100+ acres I'm living on.

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A work in progress - finishing the cabin

Aerial Photos and Cabin

Cabin, 2003

January, 2011 Ice Storm


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