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Jim Carey Hi. If you're looking for Jim Carrey the actor, the tall, skinny Canadian, that's not me. Click here for his official website. I'm the good-looking, funny Jim Carey.

Dr. Jim Carey, computer technician, programmer, technical writer and webmaster. Traveler and adventurer. TV documentaries and specials. Renaissance man. Jack of all trades, master of most.

Welcome to my personal website.

After 20 years of building pretty, profitable, award-winning websites for others, I realized it was time for my personal website to be something more than just my resume and a mailing list link.

I was like a cobbler whose children went barefoot. Embarrassing.

If you find something on the site that doesn't work or looks funny in your browser, please let me know in as much detail as you can. This is my test site where I try out new stuff before using it elsewhere.

- April, 2012

Dr. Jim

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