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My Family Tree

The Carey Family Tree

For full access you'll need a user ID and password. If you don't have one,

contact me (immediate family members only, please).

You can either run the program the old way, as laid out in index1.htm, OR you can download the file (50 MB - "New Way").


New Way: If you go for the Quick Install option, after downloading right-click and chose "Extract All Files." That will create a new folder called GenoProQuickInstall.

When it's finished, go to the new folder and open Geno.exe. Then go to File->Open->carey.gno and you'll be looking at the family tree.

Double clicking on any name will bring up the details on that person.


Make additions and changes and then email me the file carey.gno, and I'll get it posted and update the Zip file.

Or you can let me know by email what needs to be corrected and I'll take care of it. Either way, thanks for your help! When I started this project 10+ years ago, I didn't realize it was unending! LOL


Old way:

New way: Download

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