Thanksgiving 2013

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Jim's Cabin

Thanksgiving weekend, 2013, Jason and Jameson came to the cabin for a day's visit. We had a ball!


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Ah, home again!
Almost 1/2 mile to the nearest neighbor.

Coming up the driveway.
The cabin's back in here, somewhere!

Looking out on the back yard.
Actually, 300 yards of back yard!

In the cabin.
Some Facebook feedback:

Sitting on the front porch, looking down the driveway.

Down at the railroad tracks,
they had the crew cars on site,
but everyone was gone for the holiday.
Lots going on at Norfolk Southern.

Danny, the caretaker, with Jameson and Jason.

Ramp jumping with cars.

Galloping the horse.

Don't tell Mom we were playing with fire!

Lost in the smoke.

He-man Ninja!


Father and son.

Jameson in some ninja action shots, with Jason.

I think a see a clean spot or two on Jameson's face.

Jameson - 4 years old.


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