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I Do Not Send Unsolicited Bulk E-Mail to Strangers

Dr. Jim Carey is an internet publisher and I make extensive use of email to communicate with my subscribers, authors, customers and others who are interested in my products or services.

However, I do not send unsolicited bulk E-mail to lists of people who have not requested to be on one or more of my own e-mail lists, such as my free newsletter.

Nor do I rent my email lists

to any other commercial organization and I do not participate in groups that combine their lists with others. I serve a very specialized segment of the market and any kind of mass market advertising is a waste of my time and money.

All email you receive from me will either come through "someone"@jimcarey.us, or through my independent third-party double opt-in email service, "someone"@aweber.com.

Even so, we have discovered that people who are well versed in the use of email can send an email with a false return address. It's an email form of identity theft which is becoming very common and we can do nothing about. Please be careful and use antivirus and anti-malware programs.

A number of bulk mailers have been sending out bulk e-mail (spam) with one or more of our email addresses as their return address. We can only speculate as to why this is being done but we are getting complaints from some inexperienced email users who do not seem to understand the limitations of email. We have responded to these complaints with a request for the person who is getting the spam email to send us a complete copy of the offending email so that we can analyze the header information and attempt to locate the source of this attack. If you are not a customer or are not on our newsletter list and have received a promotional email from "someone"@jimcarey.us, I can assure you it did not come from me or mine.

We have been hearing that this practice of using a disguised return address on an email is becoming very common and that many legitimate web sites are having the same problem. Whenever there is an outbreak of some new virus or worm, we begin to receive automated email from numerous Internet Service Providers informing us that they received a virus from an email that was sent to them from our domain address.

The only other explanation regarding the large amount of this kind of perverse email identity theft that seems to make some sense is that we are openly opposed by unscrupulous competitors.

Dr. Jim Carey

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