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FTC Mandated Full Disclosure and Ethical Marketing Statement

I'm in business. I work for companies. I own companies. I write books. I produce videos and TV shows. I work to make money to live on. Some of the links on this website might make money for me if you buy

anything from them. If I don't warn you about this on my website the FTC will shut me down, because the absence of this statement proves that I'm a crook.

I write about stuff I believe in, but a reference link might make me a commission. There, I've warned you twice.

Beware. Trust no one. The Internet is dangerous. Especially me.

Hopefully, this statement will fulfill all of the new requirements by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) that basically say that if I'm not Microsoft or Westinghouse and I talk about your business on the Internet, they're going to get me unless I warn people that I'm a shameless moneygrubber.

Thus, this is my FTC Full Disclosure and Ethical Marketing Statement, as required by Law.

Once again: Fair warning. I work. I work for money. Sometimes I do this on the Internet, so you shouldn't trust a damn thing I say. You should really check everything I say out for yourself.

Dr. Jim Carey
April, 2012


P.S. I wonder why Car Dealers, Government Agencies, Big Agra and Big Pharma don't have to make the same kind of self-disparging statements on their websites, and the new law only applies to people like me - and you?

I wonder if "they" had a hand in writing the new FTC laws, rules and regulations?


Oh, oh... according to the American Psychiatric Association, that statement proves I'm paranoid and should be subject to mandatory, court-ordered treatment.

But that's OK; Big Pharma has a pill for it, and a few years of "treatment" might not cure me, but at least I'll be "more complacent"!

I better shut up before I get disappeared, shouldn't I? (See The National Defense Authorization Act of 2012)

Dr. Jim


Please see the rest of my legally required, Federally Mandated Internet Website Legal Statements by clicking here (It's probably a Federal Crime if you don't):

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