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QueenieHere's Lulu Belle's new friend, Queenie.

We (Lulu Belle and I) adopted Queenie in the Fall of 2000, when we found her in

a similar situation to what Lulu Belle was in when I adopted her.

Queenie settled into the farm immediately and made herself at home. So much so that she earned herself the name Queenie within a few days.

This was in November of 2000.

A nice profile shot of Queenie

Normally I'll adopt a dog for a few weeks, teach it a few tricks like sit, stay, beg, lie down, roll over, then take it up to the Bi-Lo parking lot on a Saturday morning and find a good home for her.

But Queenie was so loveable and such a good companion for Lulu Belle that her stay got extended month-to-month.

What I didn't realize was that Queenie hadn't been neutered. Then one day, summer of '01, I woke up to a yard full of male dogs, all seeking Queenie's amorous attentions.

Queenie and Lulu Belle

For the next week we had every dog for miles around out in the yard, and Queenie would be gone for most of the day.

So when she came back knocked up, I decided to keep her until she had her pups, because I figured it might be challenging to give away a pregnant dog, even a Walker Hound.

Preggers Queenie

Besides, I figured, a few pups might be fun.

On August 13th, 2001 she had her pups. 13 of them. Oy, vey!

So for the next 10 weeks, until the pups were old enough to be adopted, we had an adventure. Lulu Belle turned into Aunt Lulu Belle, and I think she had more fun than I did.

In the end everybody ended up at the Bi-Lo parking lot, and even Queenie found a great new home, with a retired vet that loved Walker Hounds.

If you click on the photos below it will open the high res version.

Aunt Lulu Belle playing with the pups. She even cleaned up after them if they pooped in the yard! Good girl!

When Queenie wanted to wean the pups Lulu Belle did a great job of distracting them.

Everybody was always hungry. I ended up having to feed Queenie in the house, otherwise she would let the pups eat all the food and she would go hungry. Same with Lulu Belle.

The moral of the story is, whenever you adopt a dog,
NEVER assume that she's been fixed!


Queenie earning her name
Queenie made herself queen of the cabin from the first day.


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