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Zeitgeist, The MoviePosting this is getting ahead of myself, because I have a lot of

plot development to put between the previous posts and this one.

But because it comes up in conversation a lot, I'm putting the link up now.


During those years that I was concentrating on my Personal Spiritual Journey, starting in '99, I learned more and more that was outside of common American Social Mores - everything that we think is true because everybody else thinks it's true, without questioning it.

Social mores are beliefs like how we all know that the Earth is the center of the Universe, and that the world is flat. Oops, wait a minute. We don't believe those things anymore. But people used to, and those who questioned the mores, like Galileo, were imprisoned for their beliefs.


After reading hundreds of books, and spending countless hours in research, I had a new world view, a new consciousness, that was outside of standard American beliefs.

Sharing these views became more and more complicated, because my views were so far outside of social mores, and because there was so much information that all tied together into a picture of a society that was unwittingly imprisoned by the commonly accepted system.

Just trying to share it made people's heads spin. Too much, too different, too fast.


Then, in 2007 someone handed me the Zeitgeist movie DVD. When the video ended my reactions were;

1. I am not alone!
2. They nailed it!
3. They made it understandable!
4. I have got to share this with the world!


So get your snacks and drinks, kick back and get comfortable, because the next 2 hours are going to knock your socks off.

Watch the video with an open mind. Don't hesitate to hit rewind a watch a section again. You're not going to be able to view and absorb all of this in one evening.

I encourage you to take notes and verify everything they said, for yourself. I did.


It's all true.


There are some viewing alternatives are listed at the bottom of this page.


Wikipedia has a number of entries for zeitgeist, but I like the definition of the German word zeitgeist - "the spirit of the time."


There is a companion guide for the movie, but I recommend viewing the movie by itself the first time through, and then downloading the companion guide to review the highlights, and perhaps clarify points that you didn't fully understand. It's 220 pages, 5.2 MB; you can also download it from the Zeitgeist website, linked at the bottom of this page.

The companion guide is helpful because they give the references, a bibliography, for the movie, scene by scene. Thus, it's a good starting point for your personal research.


When the video first came out the producers of Zeitgeist had a lot of trouble keeping their website up. It got shut down repeatedly, for a variety of reasons.

That was at the same time that Congress tried to pass a law authorizing "The Internet Seal of Approval," which would be a logo you could put on your website after the government reviewed your site and certified it as true goods. It was even more draconian than the Internet Censorship law passed by Australia in 2009.

A lot of us campaigned against that law, because we saw it as censorship. It's the old government bureaucracy regulation creep - first you have voluntary labeling, then mandatory labeling, then you can't put up a website without government approval.

The law didn't pass, and it's fallen into the background for now, but we still have to maintain vigilance or it'll pass eventually.

In my opinion, the video originally scared the powers-that-be. They were intent on suppressing it, and the attempted Internet Seal of Approval law was intended to help suppress the movie. But then, over time, just like the quotes from the movie Network that were quoted in Zeitgeist, it riles people up for a time, but in the end, it doesn't change a thing.



In part two, Addendum, the focus is on how the current monetary system has made us unwitting slaves, and how this system is used to subjugate other countries and generally lower the standard of living around the world.

Again, in my opinion this is a great presentation that shows, in an understandable manner, the facts that I was trying to share with others, but didn't have the presentation systems that they use to make it easily understood. 1 hour 50 minutes.

As of this writing, the companion guides for the Addendum and segment three are "coming soon."



Segment Three - The Men Behind the Curtain, released in 2011, 2 hours 41 minutes.



So the question now becomes, will all this new knowledge change anything for you? Or do you go back to your TV shows, and secure job, and continue your comfortable life as you have been?

At the minimum, please share these movies with others. Better yet, watch with them, pause regularly and discuss what you learned.

Remember, though, that anger does no good at all. It's the formation of a new level of consciousness that will change the world.

The trick is to learn to do as the Bible teaches, "Live in the world, but don't be of the world." (John 15:19).


Please, verify everything for yourself. The Truth will set you Free...


Viewing Alternatives

You can also view the videos online, or order DVDs, at the Zeitgeist website: http://www.zeitgeistmovie.com/

The videos are also on Netflix: http://netflix.com/

For me, the Netflix version plays the best, and is easier to rewind without losing video sync with the sound.


Dr. Jim

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