Tiger Creek, Roan Mountain, TN

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Roan Mountain scenery

When my buddy Larry retired to the Tiger Creek area of Roan Mountain, TN, I ended up

spending quite a bit of time there from 2000 to 2005.


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McConnell PlaceOld McConnell's Farm - The Plato, TN post office and general store.

All I can find online about Plato is that it was listed in an 1894 directory of US Post Offices in Carter County, TN:

According to this source it was a post office from 1897 to 1913:

Updated 12/23/13: Undated photo of the Plato Post Office and General Store, supplied by Larry Meggs.

Cain and Mary Miller, Plato, TN
Photo sent by Larry Meggs. Cain and Mary Miller, and family, thought to have run the old Plato General Store and Post office.



Lonnie's Pasture
Lonnie's Upcountry Pasture

More photos of the Tiger Creek area: http://jimcarey.us/jc/roan.mountain/


If you have any historical information I can publish on the town and the valley, please contact me.

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