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Maui SunsetThe Winter of 2007 I spent five months on Maui. I reconnected with old friends, and made a lot of new friends.


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My buddy Brad Kossman turned his two-seater convertible into a four-seater, with this bench seat added atop the trunk. With seat belts and goggles, it was The Way to experience the Road to Hana.
The rugged coastline of West Maui.

West Maui roads are one lane wide, with two-way traffic. No rental cars allowed.

Jamie with her new (for her) VW, and Brother Brad doing some maintenance.

On top of Haleakala volcano.

The road from Paia to the top of Haleakala is 38 miles of hairpin turns and grades up to 10%.

A trip to the top of Haleakala usually involves driving through the clouds and coming out above them.

Rent a wrecks cost, for one week, what most rental cars cost for two or three days. Monthly rates are even lower. My Toyota Celica that I rented for the winter was fun and reliable.

Looking down on Makaweo with Paia on the far right.

The ranger station at Haleakala National Park is several thousand feet below the summit.

Cattle grates? Yep - watch out for free-range cattle.

Christopher is in the tree chopping coconuts, and Chelsea and Jamie are opening them and passing them out.

This is in my front yard in Paia.

The beach at Paia, on the north shore of Maui.

Another trip around West Maui.

Jamie Lynn making beaded necklaces.

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Like most years, the round trip flight only cost $10, because I cashed in frequent flyer miles. Isn't it great when you fly a lot for business? Staying with friends and family costs a few meals in restaurants. My biggest expense was a rent-a-wreck. I have No Idea why people think it's expensive to vacation in Hawaii.

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