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My TV show, Lexington, KY, Channel 6, 14 episodes, 44 minutes each. And more...

All 14 episodes of Grassy Roots - Back to the Roots of Healthy Eating, courtesy of the Ann Wigmore Foundation:

Starring Beth Overgaauw, the host of the show, and myself, Jim Carey.


30-second commercial about the show.


The Real Fountain of Youth


Nature's Rocket Fuel


The Healthiest Protein Available

 Save Your Life While You Save Money


Health and Beauty Junk Food


Power-Packed Pasta - and More

 Digging Deep for Science That Tastes Great


Remove This One Thing and Live Longer


The Yellow Brick Road to Super Salads


Honor Your Sweet Tooth and Be Happy


This Chicken Crossed The Road for This Salad


Tongue Talk - 5 Ways to Keep It Happy


Do This and Throw Away Antacids Forever


Putting it All Together


30 second promo spot
"You're not going to cook any more? How will I live?!?!!!"
Starring Susan and Jimmy Barrowman


My hosting company - we try harder!
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